By making conscious choices - we aim to minimize our footprint and inspire you to do the same. Read more about how we work with production, materials, and treatments below.


    • Providing a long lasting sportswear alternative
    • Making conscientious choices in everything we do
    • Creating timeless designs for year-round wear
    • Utilizing durable materials that stand the test of time
    • Choosing plant based anti odour technology
    • Minimize the need for frequent washing
    • Manufacturing in Portugal with high demands in quality and ethics
    • Ensuring strict control throughout production


Our journey towards a sustainable future begins with the careful selection of materials. Additionally, we work with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability, ensuring that our supply chain is aligned with our commitment to the planet. Our sportswear is crafted in Portugal, and we maintain strict criteria when choosing our suppliers. Our selection is based not only on the superior quality of their products and craftsmanship but also on the working conditions of employees, and the ethical and environmental initiatives undertaken by the factories.

Choosing to produce our sportswear in Europe, close to the majority of our customers, is driven by our goal to establish a sustainable supply chain characterized by shorter transportation distances. This strategy underscores our dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, enabling us to produce our collections in smaller, carefully curated batches, thus reducing waste and preventing over-production.


The environmental impact of garments and sportswear is closely tied to their longevity. Choosing durable fabrics is crucial for prolonged product use. Also, proper care during use is essential for both environmental sustainability and product performance.



Innovative treatment methods are another cornerstone of our sustainability efforts. We invest in technologies and processes that reduce water consumption, energy usage, and the release of harmful chemicals. All APRÍtech™ and APRÍshield™ garments have innovative plant based, and heavy metal free, anti odour technologies that reduces wear and tear from frequent washing and keeps the products odourless and fresh for longer. This is the most sustainable alternative for keeping garments last longer whilst saving water and energy.



We continuously seek opportunities to improve and innovate. We explore alternative materials, such as plantbased and biodegradable options, to further reduce our ecological footprint. Our research and development teams work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of sustainable practices, ensuring that our products not only meet but exceed industry standards.

We are proud of the steps we've taken to create sportswear that's not only stylish and functional but also environmentally responsible. Our commitment to the future drives us to do better every day, knowing that the choices we make today will shape a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Join us on this journey toward a brighter future, where sportswear isn't just about performance but also about making a positive impact on the world. Together, we can achieve our goal of providing quality athletic apparel while preserving the planet for generations to come.

- APRÍ Sportswear