Press release june 2024


APRÍ Sportswear is a new sportswear brand that combines superior quality and timeless design with innovation, founded in Scandinavia.

With plant-based, anti odour treatments that minimize the need for washing, APRÍ creates high quality products for both women and men with the environment in focus.

-“We want to change the market and inspire, educate, and challenge both customers
and other brands by standing for high quality, great fit, transparency in the production
chain, and a proactive environmental approach. We do this by creating durable
garments with plant-based technology that reduce the need for frequent washing,”

says Evelina Boström, founder and Head of Product.

APRÍ Sportswear introduces a new technology in the active- and sportswear industry by offering durable products with European plant-based treatments that protect the garments from sweat odours.

These groundbreaking treatments capture bad odors without embedding them into the fabric, allowing you to wash your clothes less frequently and at lower temperatures. This not only saves energy, water, and time but also extends the lifespan of the garments. Additionally, it minimizes the release of particles and microfiber pollutants.

-"We are incredibly excited about the partnership with APRÍ," says Kristoffer Ekman, co-founder of Nordshield.

-"Our mission at Nordshield has from the very beginning been to harness the power of nature to improve everyday life. By collaborating with the APRÍ team, we can bring our state-of-the-art anti-odor technology to a broader audience, enhancing the longevity of their already exceptional high quality apparel. APRÍ shares the same values and attitude that our company wants to be associated with, making this partnership a perfect fit."

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APRÍ's high quality begins with the careful selection of textiles and suppliers. We work with producers who share their vision and commitment to durable and high-quality clothing that lasts over time. The products are manufactured in Portugal to a high standard throughout the whole production process.

“Many people are conscious about what they eat, but few consider what they actually wear. At APRÍ, we have chosen long textile fibers and plant-based treatments for our clothes. This contributes to the longevity of the clothing and minimizes emissions during washing. Choosing plant-based is not a given in the industry, but it is a given for us.” says Evelina Boström.

APRÍ Sportswear takes their responsibility for the future very seriously, with the goal of inspiring more people to make conscious choices. The choices made today impact tomorrow, both in the short term and the long term. With mindful decisions regarding both materials and treatments in their products, APRÍ Sportswear sets a
new standard.

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